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jt Adopted Oct. 1, 1889
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-Sec94. No person shall be eligible to the office of judge of the +Section 10Supreme court justices and district court judges shall be 
-supreme court unless he be learned in the law, be at least thirty +citizens of the United States and residents of this state, shall be 
-years of age and a citizen of the United States, nor unless he shall +learned in the law, and shall possess any additional qualifications 
-have resided in this State or Territory of Dakota three years next +prescribed by law. Judges of other courts shall be selected for such 
-preceding his election+terms and shall have such qualifications as may be prescribed by law.
-Sec 96. No duties shall be imposed by law upon the supreme court or +No justice of the supreme court or judge of the district court of this 
-auy of the judges thereof, except such as are judicial, nor shall auy +state shall engage in the practice of law, or hold any public office, 
-of the judges thereof exercise auy power of appointment except as +elective or appointive, not judicial in nature. No duties shall be 
-herein provided.+imposed by law upon the supreme court or any of the justices thereof, 
 +except such as are judicial, nor shall any of the justices exercise 
 +any power of appointment except as herein provided. No judge of any 
 +court of this state shall be paid from the fees of his office, nor 
 +shall the amount of his compensation be measured by fees, other moneys 
 +received, or the amount of judicial activity of his office.
-[Adopted 1889]+[Amended 1976]
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